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Romantic and Economical Honeymoon Destinations of South India

honeymoon south India

South India is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. South India offers everything you could want for your special trip, including the peace and tranquillity of forests, sizzling beaches, and the chills of a hill station. South Indian states include Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Each one is populated by beautiful beaches and hill stations as well as top-quality infrastructure and high-class hospitality. There are many options for newlyweds and soon-to be-married lovers.

We have compiled a list of the best places in South India to honeymoon for newlyweds and those who are planning on getting married soon. These romantic spots will entice you in many ways, making it difficult to choose the best romantic place for your honeymoon.


Kodaikanal, a charming hill station, is a place that will make your most anticipated trip memorable and fascinating.

  • This is a must-see when looking for the top places to honeymoon in South India.
  • You will have the ultimate romantic honeymoon.
  • Take your spouse on a stroll around the hills, visit Bear Shola Falls, go boating in Kodaikanal Lake or Berijam Lake, and take a peaceful trek up the Palani hills.

How to get there: Madurai Airport is adjacent to Kodaikanal. If you prefer to travel by train, then get off at Kodai Railway Station.

Kodaikanal offers romantic accommodation at a great price. You can choose from affordable guest houses or top-of-the-line hotels.


Ooty, a romantic retreat amidst the Nilgiris, is called “Ooty”. These mountains are a testament to your love and marriage. Ooty, South India’s most loved honeymoon destination, is magical and dreamy.

  • Ooty, a popular hill station, is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. To make the experience even more romantic, there are some beautiful spots such as Dodabetta where you can enjoy the view with your loved one.
  • Walking along the hilly trails, talking to your partner about the future, and then laying in each other’s arms on the lush gardens and orchards – this is what romanticism can be!

How to get there: Ooty can be reached from almost anywhere in India. The nearest airports are Coimbatore Airport or Mettupalayam Railway Station.

Ooty offers many options for romantic stays. You can choose from the best hotels and affordable hotels or homestays depending on your budget.



Yercaud, a beloved hill-station in south India, is a great place to escape to for couples looking for tranquility. Yercaud, which is in Tamil Nadu, is not crowded by tourists.

  • This region’s picturesque mountain landscape is covered in sandalwood, silver oak, teak and other trees.
  • The place is a haven of serenity, and it is a top choice for a South Indian honeymoon destination.
  • The ultimate honeymoon experience is to spend an evening at Lady’s Seat and enjoy the sunset view. A boat ride on serene Yercaud lake is also highly recommended.

How to get there: Salem Airport, located 38 km away from Yercaud, is the nearest airport. Tiruchirapalli, which is located 165km from Yercaud, is another important airport. 35 km from Yercaud is Salem Junction, the nearest railway station.

If you are looking for a romantic place to stay, the Greenberry Resort, Hotel Dreams Paradise and Grand Palace Hotel & Spa are all great places to stay when on a honeymoon in Yercaud.


Coonoor is a hilly escape and romantic spot for couples looking to spend time together.

  • The perfect South Indian honeymoon spot is surrounded with lush green tea estates and narrow paths that wind through dreamy landscapes.
  • You will have the ultimate romantic honeymoon. While you can enjoy a stroll along the plantations with your partner, be sure to visit Dolphin’s Nose for a stunning view of the whole estate.

How to get there: Coimbatore Airport can be reached closest from Coonoor, while Coonoor has its railway station. It’s easy and painless to travel.

Coonoor offers romantic hotels for couples on honeymoon. However, those with limited budgets need not worry. You will find many affordable hotels.



Long walks can be romantic if you’re a fan of long walks. You can explore South India from this location.

  • Walking through dense forests can make your day more memorable by bringing you closer the beauty and vastness nature. This is an ideal place to spend a special time with your partner and is a must-have for every couple.
  • Enjoy the ultimate romantic honeymoon with a nature walk and tour of plantations.

How to get there: The closest airport to the destination is located in Coimbatore (100 km), while the nearest railway station to Coonoor is 23 kilometers away.

You can enjoy a romantic getaway at Garuda Park Resort Kotagiri or Dream Nest Resorts.


Munnar is a favourite honeymoon spot due to its beautiful tea-planting hills, winding roads and deep valleys.

  • For those who are just getting married, it is pure bliss.
  • Munnar, South India’s best-loved destination for a romantic honeymoon, is a great choice. It has so much to offer lovebirds.
  • You can stroll along the green tea plantations, waterfalls, or climb to the top to get a bird’s-eye view of the city.
  • These things may not sound like much, but when done together they add layers of delight.

How to get there: Munnar is accessible from the Aluva Railway Station and Cochin International Airport.

Munnar is the perfect place to spend a romantic night. There are many options for accommodation, including budget hotels, homestays and luxury options.

Nandi Hills

This is a popular spot for adventure activities and picnics.

  • It’s located near Bangalore. The breath-taking views are what attract couples to this area.
  • You can cycle, visit vineyards and marvel at Tipu Sultan Fort.
  • The ultimate romantic honeymoon is one that involves trekking, visiting historic sites and engaging in adventurous activities.

How to get there: At a distance 39 km, Bangalore has the closest airport. The closest railway station is located at 42 kilometers.

You can enjoy a romantic getaway in Hotel Mayura Pinetop or Mount Palazzo for Honeymooners.


Ponmudi, blessed with stunning natural beauty, is one of the most romantic spots in Kerala.

  • This hill station is considered to be one the best in Kerala. It has a pleasant year-round climate that attracts couples and nature lovers.
  • The Golden Valley is a popular attraction. It is well-known for its lush forest, tropical vegetation, sprawling tea garden, waterfalls and other wildlife.
  • You can have the ultimate romantic honeymoon by wandering through tea gardens, taking a dip at a waterfall, and going wildlife sightings.

How to get there: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the closest airport, and Thiruvananthapuram Rail Station is the nearest railway station. These places are easy to reach by taxi or bus.

Romantic stays: KTDC Golden Peak Ponmudi. River Country Resort. PWD Camp Shed. Hill View Stay Inn Ponmudi.



Valparai is the ideal setting for fairytale romance. The stunning hill station in Tamil Nadu is home to vast green pastures and rolling hills where wild animals are free to roam unassisted.

  • The country’s endless scenic beauty draws couples from all parts of the country to enjoy the lush forests and see Nilgai and deer grazing peacefully in its meadows.
  • There are many good resorts and homestays that provide optimum comfort for couples.
  • The ultimate romantic honeymoon is possible: Go trekking in the woods, visit Sholayar Dam, take an excursion to a plantation, go shopping, and take a dip at Monkey Falls or Charpa Falls.

How to get there: The closest airport is Cochin Airport. The Palakkad Station is the nearest railway station. You can easily take a bus or taxi to Valparai.

Romantic stays are possible at Mani’s Homestay or Hotel Saravana Grand Vallparai, Vasu Resorts and Stanmore Garden Bungalow


Lakshadweep’s islands are full of natural beauty and colors.

  • These beautiful islands, adorned in blue and green, are a paradise for honeymooners and couples. They offer endless natural bounty, charming experiences, and plenty of opportunities to indulge in a variety of activities.
  • Lakshadweep is the perfect place for couples looking to have some fun and thrill, or just to find peace and solitude.
  • The ultimate romantic honeymoon is possible with water sports. You can go on a walk along the beach, canoe or kayak, shop, or row a boat.

How to get there: From here, Cochin is the closest airport and port. These locations are served by regular flights as well as passenger ships.

A romantic getaway is possible at Agatti Island Beach Resort, White Pearl Beach Hotel and Bangaram Island Resort.


This informative article on the top South Indian honeymoon destinations and top things you can do there will be a great help in your search for the perfect destination. South India is a magical place, with something for everyone.

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