Wedding Car Decoration in Trichy

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Wedding Car decor in Trichy

Are you planning to decorate your wedding car in a traditional way? If yes, then cans will be the perfect decoration for your car. They make a loud noise, so the best way to use them is to tie them to the bumper. However, be sure to use empty cans without any labels. When tying the cans to the bumper, choose ropes that are strong and will not come off during the drive.

Wedding car decor Balloons

A simple yet creative way to decorate your wedding car is with balloons. You can string “love” or “getaway car” balloons from your wedding car windows, or stuff the balloons inside. Decorative garlands are also available. White bows with a flower decoration can be tied to the mirrors and door handles of the car. These will flutter in the wind as the car drives away.

Flower garland for wedding car decors

Wedding cars are often decorated with floral garland. You can get this decorative item from a wedding planner or purchase it yourself. You can also place floral hearts on the front of your car to make it look elegant. For a unique touch, you can also consider using red roses, a symbol of love. These flowers are beautiful on the wedding car, and they will add a touch of uniqueness to the entire look.


The practice of tying on cans as decoration for wedding cars is an age-old one. It goes back to Egyptian times. In Trichy, it is practiced on wedding cars, too. A large “Just Married” sign on the car is meant to attract attention from onlookers. The clattering cans on the car further emphasize the grandiosity of the event.

Wedding car decoration