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Wedding Transport in Trichy

Looking to transport a large for brides and grooms? We can comfortably transport you guys with more relaxation and flexibility. More than a sweet ride on your day on days, we are the guys who even decorate your vintages if you so just desire. Wedding drives are very close to the rally, everyone has to be extremely precise. Yes, Oru Trichy’s wedding transport service is the most precise team. Start your journey after the wedding by driving into a new adventure together.

Trichy’s wedding transport service
Kerala Chenda melam in Trichy

Kerala Chenda Melam in Trichy

Wake up your soul by hearing and dancing to some energetic music like Chenda melam. It increases positive vibes around all relatives and friends in the function. It’s that the next level of wedding experience. You guys never forget to thank us as we leave you in a state of happiness to create fun memories for their special day with the mesmerizing Kerala Chenda melam in Trichy. Turn up and dance to the Music..!

Honeymoon Packages in Trichy

A honeymoon package will certainly thrill the hearts of couples. Bordered by some cool mountains and some luxury resorts with a plethora of fantastic options make the honeymoon best. As captivating the romantic vibes, everyone embraces the stunning surroundings. We, the best honeymoon packages in Trichy, provide you the blissful rendezvous to celebrate your romantic moment with exclusive inclusions in styles of couples. Explore some different ranges of honeymoon trips and ideas for your everlasting memories.

honeymoon packages in Trichy
wedding accommodation Trichy

Wedding Accommodation in Trichy

Making your day a little more special on your big day. We can even make your catering services look stunning with good-cut plates. Wondering where to have guests stay to complete a hunting event of your wedding. Our wedding accommodation Trichy company provides an exquisite backdrop for your special occasions. We reserve many hotel rooms for your wedding guests when you don’t yet know who is coming. We want to help guests make to have comfortable accommodations that allows for easy access to your wedding ceremony and reception site.

Wedding Gifts & Giveaways In Trichy

It’s a giveaway. We want to sponsor your wedding postage. To celebrate the couple’s wedding, we are giving away different colorful wedding baskets as a wedding invite with cupcakes, cookies, and kisses chocolates are perfect. Make wedding gifting & giveaways Trichy your visitors more intimate by adding a touch of personalization. May your marriage be filled with all right ingredients like some heap of love, a touch of romance and humor, a spoonful of understanding, and a shower of blessings. May your joy last forever!

wedding gifting & giveaways Trichy


Yes, we provide abroad honeymoon packages.

It can be arranged according to customer request.

Yes, we provide accommodation for guest in a decent hotel at a reasonable price.

Yes, we offer inter district transport services as per the requirement of client.

We offer Kerala chenda melam services, English band services and Traditional wedding band services.

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