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Bridal Makeup in Trichy

Bridal dreams..! No words to explain the beauty. Every bride is irresistibly beautiful, and brides feel this kind of happiness. Beauty to all, is about being comfortable in their own skin. You can be a woman who wants to look good and still stand up for the equality of women. To us, the essence of truly modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself, to express who you are. On your big day, every bride should look the most beautiful. For this, we are here to provide you the best bridal makeup service in Trichy. Of course, we believe that nothing is more beautiful than a bride who is deeply in love

bridal makeup service in Trichy
bridal Mehandi in Trichy

Bridal Mehandi in Trichy

Make your wedding more special with this beautiful design of Mehandi. Something a bit out of forte, different patterns are available to the bride’s preference. Mandalising your hands with the various chic and pocket friendly designs, all what your hands need to deck up your occasional day. With every passing year may your love grow deeper and deeper. Our bridal Mehandi in Trichy is always inspired by the brides having a perfect vision of what brides want on their big day. Life is very short  and makes every Mehandi count. Call us and we will be on your way henna..

Groom Makeup in Trichy

Looking good isn’t only self-important but also it’s self-respect. Breaking the stereotypes, we proved that men can wear makeup too. Even the groom needs an additional touch-up on his special day. So equal importance is relevant to the groom too. Groom’s makeup in Trichy personal care and grooming standards are surging towards new heights. With modern men in search of all-new levels of perfection,  everyone wants to feel skin confident and look picture perfect. Let’s make your wedding memorable with beautiful makeup that will be in your memories forever.

Groom’s makeup in Trichy
wedding garlands in Trichy

Wedding Garland in Trichy

Dear brides, we’d love to make your intimate wedding as special as possible. We are providing boutique wedding garlands in Trichy. The best way to spark your wedding and make it a memorable event is to have beautiful and colorful wedding garlands which suit your needs. We at Trichy would love to be a part of your wedding plan. All wedding garlands are imbued with good wishes for a great life together for the bride and groom. The designs are so timeless that you can keep remembering them season after season and build your memories over the years.

Bridal Jewellery for Rent in Trichy

Customize your look with premium and fashion-style jewelry! Our collection of jewelry captures the energy of Indian festivities through its majestic beauty, making it one of our richest-looking collections of all time. All featured bridal jewelry for rent in Trichy collections items can be taken on rent individually or a set of custom-made on your preference. It is the most transformative thing you can even wear and we will bring your vision to life and advise you on what will suit you best on your dream day.

bridal jewelry for rent in Trichy
best Bridal makeup service in Trichy

Bridal Makeup for Wedding in Trichy

Bolder than ever, brighter than ever, brides are all set to embrace maximalism with being the crowning glory. Stunning beauty wrapped in luxurious beauty and elegance with our best Bridal makeup service in Trichy. Joy is the best makeup, but some little touchups are close to runner up. We made our brides let us know the beauty we think she is! We love the confidence that makeup gives you. With the finest coat of makeup, we wish you all the best for your wedding ceremony and in your life together.


The basic package starts from ₹6000 it will vary according to the need of the client.

It will vary according to the makeup set the client prefer the basic package starts from ₹4000.

Yes, we offer saree draping service in the bridal makeup package.

Yes, we offer mehndi services.

The basic package of bridegroom makeup is ₹4000.

Your Dream Bridal & Groom Makeup is Here