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Oasis Best Wedding Stage Decors in Trichy

Oasis offers the best wedding stage decoration in Trichy. Oasis wedding planners were in the business of stage decoration for more than 20 years. The main objective of the business is to create the best wedding decoration at a better price. All kinds of wedding decorations are done by Oasis and will be pleasing to the client’s requirements. All kinds of wedding decorations were undertaken by Oasis Wedding Decors. Your wedding may be of any type it may be Traditional, Contemporary or Themed wedding we provide the better stage and hall decoration at a reasonable price. We provide decoration with flowers, lighting, and balloons. The decoration part with flowers is the most splendid part which will be done with fresh flowers, It will be more pleasant for the occasion you will feel enlightened in the arena of the wedding. Lighting and flower decorations will be combined for a contemporary-style wedding. For a themed wedding, the decoration of the hall and stage will be done according to the outfit of the bride and groom it will be more pleasant. Our planning is our specialty there will be no wastage of the decoration-based items. Oasis stage décor also provides decoration services for your other family events such as Birthday parties, Betrothal functions, Baby Shower functions, and surprise events. Corporate function event decoration is done with a professional approach according to the organization’s requirements. The decoration in the venue will be pleasing and it will surely be satisfying. As the most experienced stage decors in Trichy we will plan and execute the wedding and other event decorations with extra care and cost worthy.

Car Decorations

Decorations on wheels…Sounds romantic. We choose your decorations for your special day which makes her more surprised. We have lots and lots to do on your big day. We are happy to serve the customers with our service setup a private decoration with these beautiful decorations. We can provide the best car decorations in Trichy by contributing something special from our side. We are well organized having a well-maintained car and a well-experienced person. Everyone will be extremely happy and comfortable with their service.

car decorations in Trichy
hall decorations in Trichy

Hall Decorations

Wedding hall decorations for your wedding ceremonials from the latest trend to the unique traditional wedding decor. So, if you are looking for one such company that can afford you the best wedding hall decorations service, then our hall decorations in Trichy will provide you the best. The wedding venue is one of the center elements at a ceremony and it needs to be perfect in every single way. We are specialists in creating the best stunning decor. We offers brilliant themes that makes their wedding wonderful. We amaze you on that one day when someone walks into your life and makes you brighter.

Plate Decorations

Little moments, big memories..! We can do simple nuts plate decorations, a basket of fruits decorations which glows brighter to bring full of happiness for the occasions. We take orders for these amazing decorative plates for all occasions like weddings,  Navaratri, engagement functions and so PM. Don’t miss such amazing thing to be unique in your occasion. Let we in Trichy, shows you the best plate works where there is only love and happiness. We hope you can find the super plate decorations in Trichy by visiting us one time.

Seer varisai plates & Thattu decorators in Trichy
Party decorations in Trichy

Party Decorations

As a decorator, you’ve got to be smart with your inventory. We have lots of exciting new collections of decorating ideas. We will provide the best Party decorations in Trichy and the sweet celebration for your day. Keeping the surrounding with the vibes and with the happy theme is our main goal. Definitely, the color scheme will be satisfactory for you. Still, we are trying to soak in all the joyful moments in your beautiful occasion. It was so much fun to see all the functions enjoying themselves.

Balloon Decorations

Calling all local balloons!! Our shop will be providing all types of balloon decorations. Loved styling these gorgeous greats gatsby themed events to celebrate the lovely function. We offer the best balloon decorations in Trichy at lowest price. We are simple yet classy. Our acrylic circle backdrop can be customized to celebrate your all special events. Gorgeous color scheme and what the best way to celebrate a big day with your relatives. The whole setup will be beautiful and looking for pleasure to work with!!

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Birthday Decoration

We are executing your birthday set up in a great manner. It’s just a single day. But you better believe that one day you’ll be showered with love. We can even provide an eclipse arch making it debuted for a wonderful install. Candlelight dinner setup birthday. Your best birthday decoration Trichy event planner makes your events more enjoyable. For your birthday decorations, we plan a customized birthday celebration and create same lifetime memories for you.

Marriage Decorators

Happy brides shine brighter on their marriage day. The dreamy wedding decorations to name your day are more memorable and amazing. Our marriage mandapam setting with natural flowers looks simply awesome and traditional. We can decorate in an eye-catching way. What do we think of a retro but super romantic setup? We at marriage decorators at Trichy squeezing for a more outdoor wedding. Our venue will be absolutely stunning. Your satisfaction is our passion.

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reception decorators in Trichy

Reception Decorations

Reception backdrops that don’t force you to stand and wait, but give you the liberty to walk around. Loved designed this all arrangement with foliage for couples. Let’s start the function with a highly scented arrangement into elegance. Love is in the air and we are here as the best reception decorators in Trichy to tell you that we provide the overall best reception arrangements, planning, and services for any occasion. As to the best wedding planner, we would love to help you plan your wedding. We get to witness our couple on one of the greatest days of their lives.

Seer Varisai Thattu Decorations

A wide range of seer varisai thamboolam and gift baskets are available. Customized topper with seer varisai plates a top, difficult to work but happy with the outcome. It is such a beautiful tradition that our ancestors designed to ensure there is a constant connection between relations through customs and occasions. Make your day more special with these Seer varisai plates & Thattu decorators in Trichy. Shout out to all the wonderful couples who allowed us to be a part of their big day.

Seer varisai plates & Thattu decorators in Trichy
Stage decoration in Trichy

Stage Decoration

In each function the presentation of yourself will be remembered in whole life time. Stage decoration in Trichy is a part in the event. The decoration should be aesthetic and should communicate with the event we organize hence we create a part of dream moment in your life which you will carry for the forthcoming day’s. Since memories make a life pleasant we will provide you with the best possible experience of your lifetime.


Yes, we provide you the best decoration for your car or if you want a rental car for the bide procession, we will arrange it. Home decoration is also done according to the customer requirement.

We offer you three different types of decoration for the function. They are Traditional, Contemporary and themed wedding decoration.

The amount will vary according to the client requirement the basic package for stage decoration is ₹ 5000

Yes, we offer fresh flower decoration we use Rose, Daisy, Carnation, Hydrangea and Orchids for decoration if customer require more, we will do it with respect to the requirement of the customer.

We will provide you excellent garland for your themed wedding which will be amicable for the entire wedding function theme.

Your Dream Wedding Decoration is Here