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About Us

Oasis, a complete wedding planner specializes in wedding decorations and planning. Our key responsibility starts from your beginnings to your completion of occasions. We are with the package of exclusive creative thinking and implementation which are mesmerizing and loved by all your guests. The one moment in everyone’s life that gets all things together. So why not make it extraordinary? Yeah, We at Oasis are feeling the pleasure of designing your epic event. We make all the elements be designed fully with your surrounding. 

We specialize in creating weddings with a personal touch. Be it grant or intimate, we are involved from the word go. 

We can also arrange for a sangeet, so by keeping this in mind Oasis arranges luxurious seating arrangements, simple yet majestic with white candles. With a variety of blossoms, innovative and eye-catching hanging floral arrangements the decor was perfect for your dream variety. We have stunning catering services, intimate reception settings, and garlands arrangements, and so on. We are sure that Oasis will promise in even small marriages with a focus on the big moments. 

May your love be modern enough to survive the times but old-fashioned enough to last forever. Your blessing will be more from us too and only happiness comes through the door. Grand space call for grand-scale designs and Oasis made it for you. 

We do what we are, we are what we do..!!