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Oasis Offers Best Wedding Photography Services in Trichy

Oasis Wedding Photography services offer the best wedding photography services in and around Trichy. Wedding photography is a challenging job where we have to satisfy both sides of the families of the bride and groom. Pre-wedding and Post-wedding photoshoots must be carried out with extra care we have to prove that there is equal importance to bride and groom families.

A wedding is a function where the relatives of the bride and groom sides will gather and enjoy the celebration with the common intention of praising for the long life and wellness of the couple. In this function, there will be a lot of memorable moments that our professional photographers will cover and there will be no missing an event that happens during the wedding celebration. Our photographers will build a great bond with the clients and the output can be seen in the final product so if you are engaging Oasis Wedding photography services for your wedding event then the client may forget their worries about the photograph-related issues. Oasis also offers traditional videography services as per the client’s requirements. We are experts in group photography and candid photography for the wedding function we can treasure your best moments at the wedding event no lapse or error will be there in our coverage of your wedding event.

The professional photography services also include drone photography services for the entire marriage function and you can cover the wedding procession of the bride or groom like a cinema shoot. It will be awful to see the aerial view of the wedding event and you can make a grand statement in the wedding video.

The related events with weddings such as sangeet and mehndi are covered in the pre-wedding events category and the entire event will be delivered with proper editing as per the requirement of the client. Book Oasis Wedding photography services and record your most memorable events of life which will be treasured forever. Oasis wedding and event management company is in business for more than 20 years we provide the best wedding and event management services around Trichy so we will give you the best service comparing other wedding services and event management companies around Trichy.

Oasis Wedding and Events Photography packages

wedding photography Trichy
Wedding photography Trichy

Wedding Photography Packages and Price

Silver Package

Golden Package

Platinum Package

Traditional Photographer   1 Unit
Traditional Videographer    1 Unit
Basic lighting                        1 Unit

30X12 Size Album                                      
40 Sheets Glossy/Mate                               Full-Length Video on DVDs
Traditional Photographer         1 Unit
Traditional Videographer         1 Unit
Candid Photographer               1 Unit
Candid Videographer               1 Unit
Basic lighting                             1 Unit
36X12 Size Album
40 Sheets Glossy/Mate/Glitter
Full-Length Video on DVD or Pen drive
Traditional Photographer        1 Unit
Traditional Videographer        1 Unit
Candid Photographer               1 Unit
Candid Videographer               1 Unit
Drone Photography                  1 Unit
Advanced lighting                     1 Unit
36X12 Size Album
45 Sheets Glossy/Mate /Glitter /Feather/Metallic/Transparent
Full-Length Video in Pen drive










Wedding Photography and Videography Services We Offer

  • Baby Photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Maternity Photography
  • Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Post-Wedding Photography
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Professional Photography 
  • Drone Photography
  • Videography

Wedding Photography in trichy

Your plan to sign the first look moment at your wedding! A smile is the most beautiful curve on a bride’s face. Do capture it in a gorgeous way. We made it and captured your beautiful love story just as it was. It was hard picking photos to share with you guys, but your wedding photographers in Trichy give you the best choice. A good snapshot keeps your moment from running away. Saying your ows and exchanging rings felt so surreal. It’s a moment you have to remember always and we are here to report it.

wedding photographers in Trichy
pre-wedding photographers in Trichy

Pre-Wedding Photography in trichy

Seeing your smile brings us happiness..! Pre-wedding photographs are damn sure one which you fall in love with the style. We the best pre-wedding photographers in Trichy cheers with you the love and laughter. We capture your facial expressions, expressions, and glorification. Happiness and occasions are the best irreplaceable matter of your occasions. Spending time with your loved one who makes it worthwhile shows you how happy you can be. And we are here to click that moment for you and leaves you in the oww state.

Post-Wedding Photography in Trichy

The common thing of all weddings is the post-wedding photoshoot which happens after the big day. The best thing is to hold onto in life with each other. The first sign of celebrating your wedding is getting awesome matter in your post-wedding shoot. Love is meant to be an adventure. Sometimes intertwining your fingers can you so much more than your words can. It can be even too captured by us, the best post-wedding photographers in Trichy. And so together, you build a life you loved. Romance is the icing,  but love is the cake. Get it before it melts

post-wedding photographers in Trichy
outdoor wedding photography in Trichy

Outdoor Photography in Trichy

True love is the greatest adventure. Everyone wants to have a big wedding because everyone wants to have all love in one place and get to spend time with all of them. Normally the outdoor wedding photography in Trichy is all about hiking up in the dark and having bright ceremonies. Everything is about the photo like about bride, happy couples, matching dresses, and stunning scenery. Struggling toward between physically and emotionally with the brides for the photoshoots can be a challenging one, but better pictures are ahead with us.

Candid Photography in Trichy

When I’m here to tell you is the secret of your photos is about perfect posing. It’s not about perfect angles or even lightning. It’s about yourself your candid clicks. Despite windy and stormy skies, you guys celebrate your occasion with your closest friends and relatives. Of Course, the candid photographers in Trichy were behind the scenes viewing all the intimate moments in a very unique way. We can make you some fun-filled outdoor shoots too. It’s your trust in us to let us be your guide, to take you to the beautiful spots that nobody knows about

candid photographers in Trichy
maternity photographs in Trichy

Maternity Photography in Trichy

Birth is a mystery, words are not enough. There is a miracle in every new beginning, and we are so grateful that God allowed us to capture your maternity photographs in Trichy. You can’t get these days back once they pass and we are to give you a way to remember moments for years to come. So in celebration of this time in your life, we encourage you to book us for your maternity days photoshoots for the best photos in Trichy. Happy to bring your new life into the world.

Baby Photography in Trichy

The first shot of us starts from our childhood. We can capture the sneak peek of your beautiful little one on their blissful day. If you look at them in a different way, you will see the beginning of their life at the start of her smile. Parents should always look back and cherish their precious memories. All though, you’ll love fall and feel different with the little one around and can cherish it with the best baby photography in Trichy. Gearing up for your upcoming photoshoots. Hope everyone has great things in your photoshoots.

baby photography in Trichy

Drone Photography in Trichy

Drone photography is an additional exclusive service provided to the customer as per the requirement the most memorable moments such a wedding procession and other delightful open garden venue events are covered by our professional drone photographers. The Aerial view and the entire coverage of wedding venue is exclusively done by this you can witness the 360-degree angle view without missing any memorable moment in the whole event.

wedding drone photography service in trichy
wedding Videography service in trichy

Videography in Trichy

Videography is the exclusive coverage of entire wedding or any event without missing a single moment and will be done with sound mixing of native songs related to the event. In this process you will witness all the real-time reactions of your relations and the happiness that profound in the event. People will treasure the moments as a live movie and these memories will be a part of life at any stage of your life you can recall the superb moments and the fun you had with your family and friends who were with you in the most beautiful moment of your life.

Professional Photography in Trichy

Beauty personified everywhere. Get it, get it by us. We all know that the photographers who are behind the creation of an image are incredible at their passion and dedication to each individual job. We have seen and done some unbelievable things already in your life together. We know how to set up and get that shot-creating quality over quantity and expresses your brand life. The professional photographer at Trichy operated a successful professional photography business. We include a variety of business-style headshots, casual fun shots, and products, and services in action as well as lifestyle photos too.

professional photographer at Trichy

Why need to choose Oasis Wedding Photography Trichy?

Oasis offers the best service for all your photography needs and the services offered by professional photographers. The final product of your photo and video will be delivered on time as promised. Exclusive drone photography service in Trichy operated by well-trained professionals. Convenient budget packs as per the client’s requirement. Pre-wedding and Post-wedding photoshoots were provided for both bride and groom families with a separate team of photographers.

Wedding photography Trichy

Benefits of Oasis Wedding Photography

  • Oasis offers the best service in photography as per the client’s requirement.
  • Oasis offers convenient photography packages according to the budget of the client
  • We offer the best pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots for both bride and groom families our team will be responsible to cover all the events without missing them.
  • Our Outdoor photography services are offered around the Trichy district.
  • Baby photography is a tuff entity in a photoshoot service our photographers offer convenient and professional services.
  • What we promise we deliver there will be no delay in the final submission of the finished products.
  • The client can select the images for Photo albums.
  • The final output of the photoshoot will be submitted in the form of hard and soft copies as per the requirement of the client.
  • We offer the one-stop service for all your photography services.

Oasis Wedding Photography Reviews

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In Trichy we specialize in Traditional, Contemporary (Candid), Wedding and Lifestyle Photography we create timeless memories for you which are natural, emotional, fun and that let you relive your special day over and over again.

We do Traditional, Candid, Contemporary, Fine Art and Photojournalistic Wedding photography in and around Trichy. To create an exclusive view of the wedding festivities, we shoot candid images as well as some gorgeous posed portraits of the couple and their family.

Yes, we offer Wedding Cinematography services in Trichy both in urban and rural areas of the district. And our wedding films have been received well by our clients and followers.

We shoot right from the Bride and the Groom getting ready until all the wedding festivities are over. Bridal make-up, jewellery, outfits, venue, decor, bride and groom getting ready, their portraits – individual and together, portraits of immediate family members, guests that actively participate in the wedding, all the ceremonies & rituals – creative close-ups and documentary wide angle shots.

We shoot group pictures and videos as per customer requirements we provide a better-quality image and video even in covering groups.

We suggest that you hire one team to cover both families. You are going to be a single-family, after all. If events are happening at different locations other than Trichy, we can also split the team accordingly. Having multiple teams might get a bit crowded and add to the chaos instead of helping.

Yes, we offer baby photography services in outdoor locations in and around Trichy.

Our charges start from ₹20000 for the coverage of event ranges around 4 hours it will go around ₹40000 if the requirement is more than 8 hours.

Our package includes wedding album design and video editing with the requirements of the customers. We also provide a soft copy of your photos if you need them.

We require that you put in a 50% initial deposit to secure the date and the rest is to be paid on the day of the shoot/event. Post-processing of the images and video will begin only after the final payment is completed.

We generally start booking dates six months in advance, early booking is preferred for planning purposes. In any case, is best to check on our availability because we may be available even until a week before your wedding if your location is around Trichy.

A charge of an extra amount will be collected as per the hours exceeded. Which will be informed to the client before committing the event.

Your Dream Marriage Photography is Here