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Kerala Chenda Melam in trichy

Originated in Kerala famously known as Asura Vadyam which is most commonly used in functions and rituals around Kerala and costal Karnataka region (Tulu Nadu). The commonly chenda melam functions are Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Kannyar Kali, Theyyam and a musical drama of costal Karnataka namely Yakshagana. The cylindrical shape of the musical device and the bass of sound it produces really works with the rituals ambience and presence will be electrified.

In these days chenda melam is commonly used for

  • Marriage function
  • Corporate Events
  • Temple Festivals
  • Betrothal Functions
  • Product Launch

In this blog we are going to discuss about availability of chenda melam in Trichy for marriage functions and other events in and around Trichy.

Chenda Melam for Wedding

Chenda melam can be seen in these days in wedding ceremony such as wedding procession and as a welcome address for the wedding event the sound produced from the instrument really energizes to enjoy the event with the flow. People will enjoy the presence and it will be an added enjoyment to the pleasant moment of life.

Chenda Melam For Marriage price

The price of arrangement of chenda melam will differ according to the number of persons and the total hours presence of orchestra in the event in bigger cities the rate will rise up to ₹20000 for two hours event and in urban cities it will be around ₹15000 for the marriage event. The other events will hold the pricing according to the total hours consumed.

Chenda Melam for marriage price in Trichy

Chenda melam in earlier days is commonly used by the temple-based Kerala located in the district due to the amazing sound and environment vibes it reached the metropolitan cities and rapidly reached the second level cities before in Chennai it has reached Coimbatore, Tirupur and the border cities located near Kerala. In Tiruchirappalli the chenda melam is commonly used in a temple as a daily part of ritual they permanently employed the chenda melam personnel. The price of chenda melam varies with hours of performance and no of personnel perform in the event Chenda melam for marriage function in Trichy costs around ₹10000 to ₹15000.   

Kerala Chenda Melam Ladies

Women Chenda Melam

In each department ladies also compete with men earlier chenda melam is organized with the men as a troop orchestra the weight of the equipment is a notable point but now a days ladies also practise chenda melam the training is offered in various places of Kerala as a part of music school for chenda melam there are many schools in Palakkad and border districts of Kerala near to Tamilnadu. Even in the second level cities like Thanjavur have schools for teaching Chenda Melam. Mostly men choose the profession but, in these days, women also join the music school to learn skills of chenda melam.

Kerala chenda melam online booking price

Kerala Chenda Melam booking price in online is little bit higher than the price in personal booking. The search for Kerala chenda melam must start from the local available persons to perform the act perfectly. If you go online the transactions will be transparent but communication and performance may be in risk usually the online booking price of chenda melam price differs from the regular pay of the performance it will cost around ₹ 18000 to ₹22000 including taxes.


The purpose of engaging the different kind of instrument to perform in an event or a marriage is to enjoy the presence and keep the atmosphere electrified hence planning and engaging such kind of Kerala Chenda Melam is to be done with extra care and the persons who work on it should have unique knowledge of the instrument the properly trained person will give you the must perfect experience.

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