What Services Does a Wedding Planner Provide?

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Wedding Planners

In the earlier days the marriage planning was done by the relatives and friends who take responsibility for individual events in a wedding which comprises of decoration, catering, Vehicle arrangement for transportation of guests and bride which involves a lot of work and planning due to various works and various expenses in a sudden there may be sudden budget hike and some times there may be a flaw in a department. In which we cannot question the relative or a friend who is in charge of the department if we question then we will lose the relative or friend, hence wedding planners is a great gift to the society.

Wedding planners will take your entire burden of conducting the ceremony at a fixed budget and with in the time if there is any flaw, we can question them without any hesitation. Since we are offering money for the service, they will also promptly provide the services without delay and in a professional manner.

Services Offered by Wedding Planner

  • Venue planning
  • Invitation card
  • Decoration
  • Photography and videography
  • Catering
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Special Services

Venue Planning

The preliminary planning of the venue is very important it must be easily accessible by everyone the bride, groom and the guests of both sides hence conforming the venue and the capacity of the venue to wedding accommodate the guest within the venue in a comfortable manner is important.

Invitation Card

The second step of marriage starts from here the wedding planner must organize both families and ask for their suggestions regarding the design and names that must be mentioned in the wedding invitation which is a must important substance in carrying the marriage ceremony without any resentment in both bride and bride groom side.


Decoration is the part where comes the task of making the venue of the marriage more pleasant within the budget and requirement of the client. The wedding decoration must be perfect for the occasion and if it is a themed wedding there will be more work for the team to organize the entire wedding in which the colours must be identical and shouldn’t disturb the occasion.

Photography & Videography

The important part in the wedding where there will be collection of events which will be remembered for decades every time when a person looks in the wedding album and video, he will be treasuring the moments lifelong. The wedding photography and videography must be done professionals. The prewedding and post wedding photography is a part where there must be difference of the entire theme and screen presence to cover the entire event without any disturbance is important and the editing of video is also important one must work up to the mark to keep up with the expectation of the client.


The toughest event in a wedding catering not alone in wedding in any event the catering is the main event in which people may watch like a hawk to find fault and say it as a mitigate in the event organized the catering is necessary area where the organizer must have to concentrate. The dishes must be as per the requirement of the customer and shouldn’t exceed the budget planned previously. Due to the seasonal conditions the available of vegetables and the cost of the budget may go high so the planner must act responsible in this department.

Bridal Makeup

The common service which has the most expectation the makeup of the bride and of the skin of bride and groom. The makeup must be done with extra care so that there should not be any allergic reactions that may occur because of the agents used for applying makeup.

Special Services

The special services in a wedding event comprises different types of bands, Emcee and DJ kerala chenda melam services, welcome girls for reception area and the installation of various stalls in the marriage venue. The other services such as honeymoon packages, local transport arrangement, accommodation services for guests will also come under the special services in which the concentration of the service providers requires more attention and care.


Wedding planner with an excellent knowledge of the ceremony will surely give you the most pleasant experience in your wedding event it is the client’s responsibility to give proper data about the event, requirements and budget of the event. If everything is discussed in a detailed manner it will be really helpful for the event management to plan and execute the ceremony in a best and pleasing manner.

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